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    Gets this cool baby shower decorating ideas below to décor unforgettable moment as mom-to-be. A baby shower party is a celebration and support for mom. It should be well-prepared to start with choosing the best date and decoration.

    Decoration can be costly when you get a baby shower party. But these budget-friendly baby shower decorations will save your budget and make your party great.

    Unique guestbook from onesie

    Replace your guest book and make a guest book from baby onesie. You may need 2 onesies if the baby shower guests too many. After the party, you can hang and display in the picture frame.

    Unique guestbook from onesie

    Baby blanket croissant

    You also can play with food decoration for baby shower decoration ideas. Wrap the hot dog croissant and use a toothpick and food coloring to create babyfaces. It is nice food to serve to your guests.

    Baby blanket croissant

    Baby dresses background

    Forget the ordinary’s background from paper and turn the dresses suit the sex of the baby. Hang the dress with a rope and add other flower decoration under the background or table under the background.

    You also can use onesie as garland background right to the fireplace. Add baby diaper wreath and baby diaper cake as decoration.

    Baby dresses background

    Hot air balloon centerpiece

    No party without balloon, right? You can make a simple balloon centerpiece from the card box, ribbon, balloon, and a little doll. Make a box from card paper.

    Put a decorative ribbon in the middlebox line. Put decorative flower paper in the top and add a wooden stick in the middle of the box.

    In the top of the stick, add a balloon that wrapped with lace and put a doll in the middle of the stick so it acts like a doll that wants to climb the stick.

    You also can just hang balloon as background for table gift. Tie the balloon in wood and place it in the back of the table as background.

    Hot air balloon centerpiece

    Baby diaper wreath

    The baby diaper can be created for many ideas. Baby diaper wreath is simple and easy to make. You also can modify this baby diaper wreath by adding baby talcum powder, toys, socks, baby towels, and others.

    Baby diaper wreath

    Baby sock wall as a party decoration

    Buy baby socks from colorful and different sizes. Hang in a rope and then put in the wall as decoration.
    Cloud and raindrops decorations

    You can make varies decoration of raindrops and clouds from different materials. As background for a table, you can make this white and blue balloon in the wall and continued with raindrops hang below.

    Next idea, you can add cloud from flower paper that hangs in the upper side and continued with raindrop to bucket in the table.

    Baby sock wall as a party decoration

    Display sonogram pictures

    Buy a frame and put your baby’s sonogram there. It is an awesome baby display. You can display this sonogram after the party in the living room or in the baby room when the baby born.

    Display Sonogram Photos

    Hang onesies garland as line

    Hang onesie line across to the room. Add other hang decorations such as balloon and tissue paper flower garland. You also can mix and match the line with the doll.

    Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

    Great baby shower addition

    great baby shower addition

    Cloud and raindrops centerpiece

    Cloud and rain drops centerpiece

    Hang onesies on a clothes line to party decoration

    Hang onesies on a clothes line to party decoration

    Host the Cutest Baby Shower

    Host the Cutest Baby Shower

    Paper Onesie Garlands

    Paper Onesie Garlands

    Cool baby shower decoration

    cool baby shower decoration

    Throw a Stock-The-Library Baby Shower

    Throw a Stock-The-Library Baby Shower

    Best baby shower ideas

    best baby shower ideas

    Use baby bottles to serve drinks to your baby shower guests

    use baby bottles to serve drinks to your baby shower guests

    Cute baby shower decoration

    cuty baby shower decoration

    Amazing baby shower ideas

    amazing baby shower ideas

    Cool baby shower decoration with ballons

    cool baby shower decoration with ballons

    Simple baby shower designs with balloons

    simple baby shower designs with ballons

    Beautiful baby shower designs with sock

    beautiful baby shower designs with sock

    This is a very important and special event for every mother-to-be. After the stressful preparation for the baby’s arrival, throwing a baby shower party full of happiness and joy would be great. As well as considering the date for the party, you also need to factor in your budget.

    Decorations can be so expensive when you are planning a party! So in order to help you save money, we have curated a list of 24 cute budget-friendly DIY decorating ideas for your baby shower.

    Use these cool baby shower decorating ideas to save money as they are budget-friendly and useful after the party end.

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