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    Decorating Outdoor Floor with Patterns


    Have you ever dreamed about a garden full of flowers, even its floor? Isn’t it beautiful if you are decorating outdoor floor with patterns? Flowers is the most popular pattern used by many people to decorate their house.

    It brings simplicity and beauty to your home. Your outdoor floor will be a drawing canvas to draw flowers for your garden or backyards. Here are some patterns that I recommend to you.

    Giant rose pattern

    For you who have a large garden in your house and want something different and eye-catching for decoration, you can try to build a giant rose pattern in your patio.

    To construct this kind of decoration, you have to prepare the materials from marbles. Marbles are famous for decorating outdoor floor with patterns.

    You need two main colors to draw a rose on your outdoor floor, pink and white ones. However, for the background color, you can pick a brown color.

    patio floor with giant rose pattern

    Pebble flowers

    If you think that if you need something artistic for your backyard which has so many soils in it, try this kind of decoration. You can make a downspout landscape by using pebbles.

    Create it in a flower pattern, which has one big gravel in the circle while little rocks are circulating around it.

    You do not have to paint the pebbles to make it just like the real flowers, by having its actual color, the flower patterns will come naturally.

    However, if you have enough time to paint the pebbles to make it more fascinating, why not? You can paint it with red, white, and brown colors.

    the downspout landscape in an artistic way

    Spiral border

    Okay, actually, this is not an example for flower pattern, but the spiral is also a favorite shape for most people. You need stone pavers to fill the inside of the spiral border, then you create the edge with stone or bricks which has the same size to make it more interesting.

    the spiral border with stones or bricks

    Golf balls flowers

    Need something cute and colorful for your patio? Do not know how to reuse your golf balls? Well, golf balls flowers might be the answer.

    Paint your unused golf balls with the colorful theme, and then place them in your outdoor garden forming it like flower beds.

    By having this kind of pattern in your backyards, your garden will look more cheerful!

    golf balls floor with pattern

    Big stone daisies

    Big stone daisies will suit to your personal taste if you like something big to see by far from your garden bed. To build this pattern, you need a big stone carved in flower petals shape.

    To make it more lovely, you can add a form of a dragonfly to accompany the daisies in your backyard.

    Sprinkle blooming stone daisies

    Mosaic flowers

    For the entrance door of your garden, to complete your flower theme, you also have to build a mosaic flower welcome gate. By using small stones glued together in a mosaic pattern, you can place it on the floor in front of your garden gate.

    a mosaic flower

    A magic pattern in the shape of fan

    a magic pattern in the shape of fan

    a rock spiral garden bed

    a rock spiral garden bed

    Bricks with pebbles

    bricks with pebbles

    Outdoor floor with pattern

    outdoor floor with pattern

    Patio floor with pattern

    patio floor with pattern

    patio floor with pattern 1

    Garden floor with pattern

    garden floor with pattern

    garden floor with pattern 1

    Best patio floor with pattern

    best patio floor with pattern

    Best garden floor with pattern

    best garden floor with pattern

    How To Lava Stone Driveway

    How To Lava Stone Driveway

    Best outdoor floor with pattern

    best outdoor floor with pattern

    outdoor floor with pattern 2

    Round Pavers Lead to a Deck

    Round Pavers Lead to a Deck

    Patterns could be found everywhere in home decor, just like a kitchen backsplash, window treatment or walls.

    If you have decorated your home’s indoor many times with patterns in different forms, you must want to bring them to your patio, backyard, and garden.

    And the best outdoor place that can serve as a canvas to put patterns is the floor. A patterned floor can make your home’s outdoor look just amazing.

    I know that decorating your outdoor floor requires much energy, budget, and time. But, decorating outdoor floor with patterns will become the best experience you can have if you enjoy the process of creating it.

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