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    To make Christmas more memorable and always memorable, why not try giving a unique Christmas gift by making DIY Christmas gift ideas? Unique Christmas gifts will always be remembered, especially if you give them a warm greeting.

    Colored mug

    The first idea is to make a unique mug. The method is very easy, you only need a mug and nail polish. Just drop a few into the water, and put it in a mug. Wait for the nail polish to dry and the results will look very beautiful and unique.

    colored mug for christmas gift

    Origami Forest

    The next Christmas gift idea is origami forest. The trick is to use money instead of colored paper. Shape in such a way as an evergreen tree. This gift is certainly very interesting and difficult to refuse.

    origami forest for christmas gift

    Handwritten 365 Notes in a Jar

    The next interesting gift you can give is a collection of special sayings for 365 days. You can make it in several different colored papers, containing your impressions and messages to him. Besides being unique, this idea can also be a way to convey your love.

    handwritten notes for gift

    Money tree

    Unlike the previous origami forest concept, this time you can replace money with several types of coupons or discounts as gifts. Arranged in the form of a Christmas tree, and in vain to be awarded.

    money tree for christmas gift

    Stick Ferrero Rochers and Leaves on Wine Bottle

    Buy a bottle of wine and mix it with Ferrero rocher sticks. The result will be sweet and look like a pineapple. A simple but very creative gift and suitable to fill the warmth of the Christmas atmosphere.

    diy christmas gifts ideas

    Christmas Tree Tea Bags

    Ever thought of making a special bag for Christmas? If not, then this is another attractive DIY Christmas gift ideas that you can try. Buy a canvas fabric to form a Christmas tree. Fill it with favorite tea powder and become a special Christmas tea.

    Christmas Tree Tea Bags

    Gift Utensils

    Want to give a utensil gift but are afraid of the mainstream? Don’t worry. You just wrap the utensil in a Christmas-style kitchen towel, so it looks like a sweet gift wrap.

    gift utensils for christmas

    Cool Candy Sleighs

    Your relatives are fans of candy? How about trying to make candy sleighs? By using chocolate bars, which are stuck on two canes candies? Interesting idea!

    candy sleighs for christmas gift

    Cool Gift in a glass cup

    Don’t think that attractive Christmas gifts are expensive and luxurious. You can even convey your sincerity with special gifts in a glass cup. The trick is to fill it with sweets, or other food ingredients that are a favorite of the person. Then tie with Christmas shades, and form a ribbon at the top.

    gift in a glass cup for christmas

    Snow Man Hot Chocolate in a Jar

    Another simple but useful idea is to give a stack of jars filled with warm food. You can fill 3 piles, each containing cocoa or coffee powder, and equipped with Marshmallow. Shape it like a snowman wearing a hat and draw a face using a marker.

    diy christmas gifts with jar

    Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments – You Can Choose From Different Hot Cocoa Varieties and Dress Up a Variety Of Little Candies

    Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

    Build portable Lego tray with a plywood board, four wood strips, a standard Lego baseplate and other simple tools

    diy lego tray for christmas gift

    DIY Reindeer Cocoa Cones for Little Ones

    DIY Reindeer Cocoa Cones for christmas gift

    Hershey’s Christmas Tree

    Hershey’s Christmas Tree

    Little burlap treat bags to fill with candy, cookies or any other goodies you can think of:

    diy christmas burlap gift bags

    The township candles will add a bit of magical and cozy atmosphere to your Christmas home

    DIY the township candles for christmas gift

    Mix spices and fill ornaments with mixture using a funnel:

    dip mix ornaments for chirstmas

    Grab a box frame then fill inside of it with your ’emergency supplies’ of sweets, chocolates, alcohol and use the sticky letters to write your wording and use plastic sheeting to hold the wording and placed it behind the glass:

    diy christmas gifts with candy

    Dollar Tree Gift Baskets Baking Set

    Dollar Tree Gift Baskets for christmas

    Those are 10 interesting and unique DIY Christmas gift ideas. Don’t forget, it’s not the price that makes a valuable gift, but the sincerity you put in it.

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