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DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas


For those of you who like the warmth when spring weather arrives and enjoy it in a garden, and for those of you who want to renovate or create a fun and interesting garden, then try to make a garden bed and a plantation that will be planted with various flowers and vegetables.

You can find DIY garden bed and planter ideas here. You need to know that a beautiful plantation is a reflection of a beautiful garden too. The elevated park provides a place to make your hands dirty and one of the reasons you come out more often. Use your creativity and imagination to build a garden that has overall beauty. See and learn the list below!

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Take the Umbrella and Stick It into The Ground to Transform It into a Flower Bed

People who see it will surely think that there has been a wind storm in the park. Use your umbrella and place it as shown in the picture.

DIY Garden Bed and Planter with Umbrella

Side Yard Makeover Started from Building a Garden Bed

The monotonous side view of the house can be changed so that it is not empty by building a garden bed.

DIY Garden Bed and Planter Before After

Build Tiered Beds from Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets have their uniqueness. Make a tiered bed and plant it with a variety of stunning plants.

DIY Garden Bed and Planter from Wooden Pallets

Mickey Head Flower Planter Created from Concrete Blocks

Who here is a fan of Mickey Mouse? If you are one of them, then try to prepare concrete as the edges and arrange it like Mickey.

Mickey head flower planter

Garden Beds Edged with Old China Plates

Don’t be surprised when you see this DIY garden bed and planter ideas. Why Chinese dishes? Because Chinese dishes have a unique motif as one of their cultural customs.

Garden beds edged

Get a “U” Shaped Garden Bed Kit with a Small Gate and Surrounding Fence

This can be made very easily by yourself. You only need a few pieces of wood and shape it into the letter “U”.

Garden Bed Kit with a Small Gate

Recycle an Old Wagon Wheel for a Divided Succulents bed

Use an old, worn and unused old wheel as a place to put compost and its plants between the spokes of the wheel.

a divided succulents bed

Planter Made from an Old Towel and Quick-Dry Cement

When you make this thing, the result you will receive is a cute and beautiful flowerpot.

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Planter made from old towel

Connect Plastic Milk Crates to Set Up a Garden Bed

Create your garden at home by adding black or red plastic milk crates, choose one or combine them.

DIY Garden Bed and Planter with plastic milk

Make a Flower Shaped Garden Bed Using Recycled Plastic Bottles

From now on try to collect every used plastic bottle that you meet. When all the amount is sufficient, the shape resembles a flower and is filled with plants.

Vegetable Garden with Recycled Plastic Bottles

How About a Wire Spool Planter in Your Garden

Usually, the wire spool planter is simply left unused. In the end, the object can be useful for use as a garden bed.

a wire spool planter

Make a Round Raised Garden Bed with Bricks

These DIY garden beds and planter ideas require that you arrange bricks higher than usual for a garden bed and form a beautiful pattern.

raised garden bed with Bricks

This cinder block plants bed

This cinder block plants bed

Giant letter planter built with cedar

Giant letter planter built with cedar

Rustic bed frame in the garden

rustic bed frame in the garden

Wooden raised beds

wooden raised beds

Plant veggies

Plant veggies

Stones can be transformed

Stones can be transformed

Outdoor planter made from recycled tires

Outdoor planter made from recycled tires

Colorful Garden Bed

Colorful Garden Bed

For those of people who love enjoying the warm spring weather in the garden, and want some ideas to make their garden more interesting and exciting, then creating a cool garden bed or some creative DIY planters would be nice choice.

Beautiful planters are an essential part of every pretty garden, and a raised garden bed provides a place to get your hands dirty and a reason to get outside more often, so why not use your imagination and a lot of creativity to build them? Take a look at the round-up below and enjoy!

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