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    Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas


    Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas – Halloween is such a fun event to celebrate, it is an opportunity to be able to play and have fun with friends, kids, neighbors, relatives, and siblings. The decoration of this event is needed to make the vibes more real and to create a good situation that has a Halloween theme.

    4 Tips for Decorate Your Farmhouse for Halloween

    • Add Pumpkins
    • Add Halloween Signs
    • Use a Little Bit of Spooky
    • Add a Little Extra Halloween Fun

    Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas and Designs

    Here are some places that you can make the decoration to make the Halloween vibes in your home:


    The things that you can do to decorate the front of your house is its porch, you can put the chairs that have black color then put a pillow on it and written “trick or treat”. Another thing that you can put is, the skull and also hang some yellow lamp in front of the door, the skull can be placed in the haystack.

    Porch Farmhouse Halloween
    Porch Farmhouse Halloween
    best porch halloween
    best porch halloween

    farmhouse bat halloween


    You can stick the fake bat nest and also the fake bats on the wall, adding the flowers that have orange color and the pumpkin will create the Halloween vibes. For the skull, it can sit on a chair. You can make a hat’s witch from the black paper then decorate it with lamps, in the corner of the wall you can put a creepy doll.

    outdoor farmhouse halloween

    outdoor farmhouse bat halloween

    outdoor pumpkin farmhouse halloween

    outdoor pot flower farmhouse halloween

    farmhouse halloween decor with doll

    farmhouse halloween decor with crows

    farmhouse halloween for dogs



    This decoration is used for the table in the dining room, you can decorate the room that has the white vibes start from the table until the plate. Another color that you can use is black, and also do not forget to put the fake crow to make the vibes more creepy. A board that is written “Happy Halloween can be simply added” and put it or hang it on the wall.

    table farmhouse halloween

    table farmhouse halloween with crows

    table farmhouse halloween ideas

    table farmhouse halloween designs

    Living room

    If there is a clock in the living room, then you can surround it by some fake bats. And also put some fake pumpkin under the table, a head of skull and two black hands with the board that is written: “Happy Halloween” can be placed above the table. In the corner of the room, you can put a white small vase that has a black tree with the fake bats around it.

    living room farmhouse halloween ideas

    living room farmhouse halloween designs


    The colors that you can use to decorate the kitchen are black, white, and orange. Those colors are the colors that are usually used in Halloween, do not forget to put the pumpkin in the middle of the rack, the color of the rack can be black and you can put some white bowls above it. Read more: Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    kitchen farmhouse halloween ideas

    kitchen farmhouse halloween designs

    Those are the places in your home that you can decorate when Halloween is approaching. Those ideas that are mentioned above can make the Halloween vibes more real and creepy. Actually then main places that you need to decorate are just the porch, outdoor, and the living room because those places are the places that are usually used to gather with people who come to your house. But doing the decoration for all of the rooms have no harm, you will feel the vibes of Halloween.

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