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    Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


    Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – If you are planning to make the design for your house, you might need to design the kitchen also, a design is one of the ideas that can try and consider. It will give you the casual vibes in your home, actually the farmhouse design can be applied for any rooms in your house, but in this article we are going to see the farmhouse design for the kitchen. Here are some ideas that you can try for your home:

    What is a farmhouse kitchen cabinet?

    A farmhouse kitchen is one that does not have too many technological gizmos. It features simple gadgets and is still functional. You will find a lot of DIY and repurposed items used in the decor.

    Rustic kitchen with grey green cabinets

    The paint job is simple, and so is the furniture. The design is meant to mimic retro living hence the name given to the decorative design.

    French farmhouse kitchen cabinets

    The design for this idea has the brown as the main color, starting from the racks, the window, and the floor. The dark blue and white color can be added for the wall and the sink.

    farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas

    Reclaimed painted cabinets

    This idea will look like that, the things in the kitchen are preloved because of its color and some of the furniture have already peeled off like they are the old thing.

    Reclaimed Painted Cabinets

    White cabinets

    Just like its name, the most color that will appear in this design is white—start from the wall, the window, the furniture, and also the kitchen equipment.

    White cabinets

    Kitchen wire cabinets

    The cupboard for this design will have the wires as its window and the color should be white, so you will be able to see the things inside the cupboard without opening it.

    Kitchen wire cabinets

    Raw wood

    This design means the material that will be used for the furniture is like the color of the raw wood, the decoration like the frame for the lamp is also brown, but the other things like the window, the table, and some cupboards are white. So it is a combination of brown and white.

    farmhouse kitchen raw wood

    Urban farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets

    The furniture for this design will have all white color—the pantry, the wall, the window, and even the decorations. The pantry will be shaped like the letter U.

    Urban Farmhouse Kitchen With White Cabinets

    Oak cabinets

    All the colors of the furniture here will be like an oak tree, which is like a mixture of brown and red, the only thing that has white color is the soak and the oven.

    Oak cabinets

    Grayscale cabinets

    It is basically the combination of grey, light brown, black metal and white. The colors of the cover lamps that will be hung are black metal, under those lamps is the table that has a desk to wash the dishes, the color of this desk is white with its window is grey and the other part is light brown.

    Grayscale cabinets

    Glass cabinets

    This design will need a lot of glasses, the door of the rack will use the glass with the cover is wooden that has black color, another furniture like its sink and table have the white color.

    Glass cabinets

    Those are some simple but elegant designs that you can try if you are about to make a kitchen for your house. The ideas can be used for any design since most of the designs have neutral colors like white, black, and grey.

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