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    Farmhouse Mirror Decor Ideas


    Farmhouse Mirror Decor Ideas – For those of you who don’t know it, farmhouse mirrors are a different type of mirror than mirror design in general. If in general, the use of mirrors is only for its use or its function as a compliment, then the farmhouse mirror is used for the needs of a more unique home look and has a luxurious impression.

    The farmhouse mirror not only functions as a mirror but is also usually used as a light spreader in the house. Not only that, the look and decoration of a diverse farmhouse mirror can also add to the beauty of the house and complete the design you want.

    Barn shutter mirror

    For those of you who are confused by the unique design of the farmhouse mirror, here are some recommendations:

    1. Circular mirror

    This type of mirror farmhouse is suitable for you who have a fireplace in the house or room. The circular shape, with adjustable size, is perfect as an addition to the accessories and design of your home. This circular mirror can be combined with various types of frames, from the pastel, vintage, to the gothic.

    Circular mirror

    2. Mirror for the bathroom

    Farmhouse mirrors for bathrooms usually have a larger size and elongated. This mirror is generally placed on the side of the sink, with a design that gives the impression of luxury. You can combine mirrors for the bathroom with designs from wooden frames, or plastic, which are placed around the edge of the mirror.

    Mirror for the bathroom

    3. Shiplap wall

    It is a design by giving a frame to the mirror, which resembles a window grate. This is suitable for those of you who are bored with large monotonous glass frames.

    Shiplap wall mirror ideas

    4. Wood rectangular mirror

    Have a concept similar to the shiplap wall, but the difference this time is attached to the mirror with a frame, which is designed to be stripped or has other patterns. This mirror is usually placed in a room that requires minimalist decoration.

    Wood rectangular mirror

    5. Antique mirror

    This type of design is suitable for you who like unique and antique mirror accents. You can combine it with a plain or pale brown color, with the bold or brown colored bib.

    Antique mirror

    6. Floor mirror

    Unlike the concept of a mirror that is hung or attached to a wall, a floor mirror carries a different theme. You can have a mirror with a super large size, then given a frame of wood or plastic. For placement, you can place it leaning against the wall, with chairs and a small farmhouse shelf.

    Floor mirror

    7. Vintage mirror with wooden frame

    Wood is one of the perfect vintage references. You can mix your shelves or small cabinets by placing a mirror on the top, by adjusting the mirror frame with matching wood colors.

    Vintage mirror with wooden frame

    8. Driftwood Mirror

    This type of design shows more unique sketches. Unlike vintage, which generally plays on color, driftwood types prioritize the model and shape of wood used. You can choose to use a circular wooden shape, by showing imperfectly formed wooden sticks. Don’t forget to match with the color of your wall.

    Driftwood Mirror

    9. Full-length mirror

    This design is similar to a floor mirror. It’s just usually placed attached to the wall, with a large size glass and frame, which can reflect up to one full body.

    Full length mirror

    10. Entryway mirror

    This type of entryway design is usually suitable for you to put in the living room. The design is attached to the wall, becoming a complement to small shelves and picture frames that already exist.

    Entryway mirror

    Here are 10 ideas for farmhouse mirrors that you can try!

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