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    Gardening 101 is an essential thing as this activity is quite tricky for beginners. You surely do not want to get the traumatic effect as you see the plants you are planting live no more. Nor you want to stop this fruitful activity just because you do not seem to get the right guidance.

    Gardening is more than just a hobby. You contribute to adding positive air and beauty to this planet once you do it the right way. These are 9 tips and tricks as the tidbits for beginners in gardening.

    Start up Gardening

    Space should not be an excuse to start gardening. You can simply use a container garden as a start. Put that in the area that is accessible easily to you. It can be put in your backyard or even the window you use the most.

    Gardening 101

    Solid Soil and Dependable Drainage

    Good soil and drainage are everything. Use much compost for your garden. You can create your own compost by processing your food waste. Additionally, you also need to make enough holes in your container garden to make sure your plant drainages well. Layer the holes with some rocks. Then, add up the solid soil.

    Gardening 101 for Beginners


    Location is another essential thing for you to notice in gardening. Some plants need direct sunlight to grow, while being in shade is enough for other plants. You need to be acknowledged about this issue. Tip from gardening 101 is using a trolley or something on wheels to make it easier for you to move your plants in a perfect location.

    Gardening 101 tips

    Timing and Type

    A successful gardener will plant proper flowers or plants at the proper time. There is massive access to this information online. Having simple research dealing with the plants and your area as well is a wise step in gardening.

    Gardening 101 Tricks

    The Perfect Plants for Beginners

    As a beginner, you might want to have some plants that are low in maintenance. Some experts say that plants like tomatoes, onions, basil, and peppers are perfect for beginners. Or else, if you are interested in flowers, you can try sunflowers, dahlia, roses, or petunia in your garden.

    Gardening 101 The Perfect Plants

    Well Watered

    Young plants immensely need a lot of water. However, growing plants do need that much. They just need at least an inch of water in a week. When the leaves are yellow, it indicates that you water the plants too much. The basic rule in watering the plant is avoiding water it at its leaves as it can make the plants easily sick.

    cayenne pepper

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    Go Organic

    Organic stuff is always a better option. Organic oil, seed, and fertilizer will grow your plants better than the chemical ones. Those growing with chemical stuff inside are known to be easier getting sick and weak as well.

    peppers and tomatoes

    Trim and Prune

    Just like humans, plants also need air circulation to live well. You can create a great air circulation by trimming and pruning the leaves in routine. Check some tips on how to trim and prune in some online sources to best maintain your plants.

    Gardening 101 Trim and Prune

    Get a Head Start

    One very good tip to start gardening 101 is using toilet paper rolls. They are easy to get, right? At the same time, you also do a recycling movement in your surroundings. Based on the experience of some experts, these toilet paper rolls contribute to the success of a beginner gardener.


    So, have you made your own decision? Which plants or flowers are you going to have in your garden? Now that you have some tips and tricks for gardening 101, this activity is no longer an impossible and hard activity to do.

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