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Gardening Without a Garden


Gardening Without a Garden – Gardening is such an activity that we can do in our spare time and it also makes us relax and sometimes it can heal our stresses. The thing is, not everyone has gardens in their home, but they want to do the gardening at the same time. Here are some ideas for Gardening Without a Garden that you can do and still have something to do with the plants.

The herbs on your windowsill

It is a very simple idea and it does not need a lot of space, you can put three to five pots on the windowsill so they will also get the proper lighting since they are placed close to the window’s glass.

Herbs On A Windowsill

A vertical garden on the wall

This idea is basically sticking some pots on the wall in your backyard does not have to be in the backyard, you can stick the pots on any wall as long as on the outside part.

A Vertical Garden On The Wall

Potted plants in the entryway

You can simply do this idea by placing some pots in the left and right sides of the entrance, this idea can be an idea for decoration at the same time too, so you will get the gardening thing and also decorating your entrance.

Potted Plants In The Entryway

Terrariums on the ceiling

The place for this plant is made from glass or something transparent, like the soil, you can change it into some small rocks. After that you can hang this pot on the ceiling, it can be outside and it can be inside your house.

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Terrariums On The Ceiling

Succulents on a frame

Succulents are plants that can do the adaptation when it is dry, that is why you can put it on the frame. The frame can be placed in any room as the decoration and set it just like you are about to paint.

Succulents On A Frame

Cacti on a shelf

Cactus are such plants that do not need a lot of water to take care of it, that is why it can be placed inside the house and you just need to take it outside like once a week to water the cactus. Put it on the shelf so they can also be the decoration in your home.

Cacti On A Shelf

Trees in the living room

This idea might sound weird but the truth is, you can do it anyway. Just make sure that you always keep it clean surrounds the sofa and also sometimes take outside the plants to water and get the proper lighting.

Trees In The Living Room

Seedings in an egg crate

Everytime you cook something with the eggs, do not crack all of the body, just crack the top of it so it can be used to plant the seed later.

Seedlings In An Egg Crate

Those are some ideas for Gardening Without a Garden that you can try if you want to have the interaction with plants but at the same time you do not have the garden. As long as you can take care of the plants and have spare time at least once a week, then those ideas are the things that are easy for you.

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