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    Live Edge Wood – Wood which has classic edge left uncut has developed into more and more prominent in home decor, as it would give comfy and natural elegance looking rough yet so sophisticated. To make it even more interesting the natural live edge woods are featured with the smooth surface that is created by humans.

    This mixed beauty will easily give your home decor rustic and lively vibes. Hence, here are 10 stunning decorating ideas with live edge wood that you could use as references.

    Floating shelves

    The first decorating ideas with live edge wood is floating shelves. You could ads floating shelves to your room, living room, or even your bathroom. Not only is it attractive, but it is also useful for you because you could put your necessity items on it.

    Live Edge Wood Floating Shelves

    Sliding barn door

    If you are bored with your sliding glass door, you could try sliding barn door with live edge wood as a substitute. It will give your home decor rustic and lively vibes.

    Live Edge Wood Sliding Barn Door

    Window ledge shelf

    Another ideas that you could do is creating a window ledge shelf. To make it more lively you could add some actual potted plants like cactus. You could also use this window ledge as your reading space.

    Live Edge Wood Window Ledge Shelf

    Kitchen Countertop

    Live edge wood also perfect to be used as a kitchen countertop. Not only it will be useful for you, but it will also look so refined and beautiful. Furthermore, this kind of countertop will sharpen the rustic vibes of your house.

    Live Edge Wood Kitchen Countertop

    Bathroom Vanity

    A fine live edge wood also perfect for bathroom vanity. It will give your bathroom elegance and classic look.

    Live Edge Wood Bathroom Vanity

    Kitchen Desk

    If you are a fan of rustic decorating style, you should use live edge wood as your kitchen table. Furthermore, this live edge wood kitchen table is suitable to match with any kind of decorating style as you can see on the picture. It is great to be matched with minimalist decorating kind of style, so it is to be matched with modern decorating style.

    Live Edge Wood Kitchen Desk

    Wall Mirror

    The next decorating ideas with live edge wood that you could try is wall mirror. This live edge wood match perfectly with your square mirror and your pristine white walls. It gives your room over all classic touch.

    Live Edge Wood Wall Mirror

    Live Edge Chandelier

    Are you tired of ordinary chandelier on your house? Well, it is about time for you to try live edge chandelier. It will give more classical vibes to your aver all home decoration.

    Live Edge Chandelier

    Hallway Bench

    Live edge wood also suitable to be used as a hallway bench. Not only it will make your hallway become more attractive, but it is also useful for you to sit around on it.

    Live Edge Wood Hallway Bench

    Live Edge Timber Headboard

    Are you bored of the plain and ordinary headboard? Well, if so, you need to consider using live edge wood as your headboard. It will give your bedroom an elegance and fantastic look. Furthermore, this live edge timber headboard will match perfectly with plain white sheets and green comforter. To make it even more beautiful, you should add bedside table that are made from wood too.

    Live Edge Timber Headboard

    Wall Mounted Console

    Live Edge Wood Wall Mounted Console

    Home Office

    Live Edge Wood Home Office

    Wine Rack

    Live Edge Wood Wine Rack

    Kitchen Island

    Live Edge Wood Kitchen Island

    Bedroom Shelving

    Live Edge Wood Bedroom Shelving

    Dining Table

    Live Edge Wood Dining Table

    Live Edge Wood Coffee Table

    Waterfall Top

    Live Edge Wood Waterfall Top

    Live Edge TV Stand

    Live Edge TV Stand

    Sofa Side Table

    Live Edge Wood Sofa Side Table

    Wood that has natural edge left uncut has become more and more popular in home decor, as it would bring cozy and natural beauty looking raw yet very refined. And another interesting feature for live edge wood is its chaotic beauty againsts human-created smooth surfaces.

    This makes it easy for your home decor to get lively and rustic style. We have found a lot of cool ideas to decorate with live edge wood and they are sure to enhance your interior space:

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