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    Minimalist home decor stores are heaven for those trying to upgrade their rooms. From curtain to bedding to dining table, all of them are great concerns in making an awesome and comfortable space at home. These days, as minimalist style gets its huge number of fans, it is not really a big issue to find one-stop stores that can facilitate all your needs.

    There might be bulky stores out there confirming themselves as the expert in minimalist stuff. Do not get yourself bamboozled by those long list stores to visit. This page has summed up 10 great minimalist home decor stores for you.


    If you are looking for a cozy living room set, AllModern has it all for you. You can get a comfortable sofa with bold inviting color, not to mention its minimalist patterned cushions that can just complete the look of your room. AllModern also has a multifunction table for the center of your living room. All of them can be purchased with a competitive price.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores


    Simplicity is the word best describe WayFair. This store has everything you need dealing with simply decorated furniture and home decor. You can find an edgeless bed in high quality with a great discount here.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 1

    Joss and Main

    You cannot miss Joss and Main when talking about minimalist home decor stores. Most of their home goods and furniture come in a minimalist yet stylish curve. Clean-cutting design on the table and sofa in this store has successfully stolen many hearts.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 2
    Joss and Main

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 7


    Bedroom and bathroom essentials are Parachute’s signature products. Their linen sheets come in luxurious material that heavily emphasizes comfort. The color they use also does not strike your eyes in the first look. This store truly understands the meaning of comfort by implementing it to their products.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 3

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 8


    You can head to H&M stores for a complete selection of decorations for your room. Their soothing colors, minimalist design goods are perfection to decor your favorite space. From nice linen duvet to unique glassware, H&M has all the collections.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 4

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 9

    World Market

    Heavy, bold, wood-based table and a wicker chair can never be better to exist in your favorable space. You can see that all products in World Market are well-made and durable. They have a minimalist yet comfy design. On-site coupons that can save your money are available in the World Market.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 5
    World Market

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 11

    New Project Design

    This store specializes in natural wood stuff that are carved in exotic design. Their hanging wooden planter can definitely beautify your home’s space. It does not come in a complicated design yet its unique cutting is very attractive.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 6
    New Project Design

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 13


    Ikea is the king of minimalist furniture and decors. Light, classic bulb or knockdown table, chair, and stool, Ikea can serve you well on that. They are indeed well-known for their cute, simple stuff at the store.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 14


    If you are into decorative things that put attention on details, Target is one of the perfect minimalist home decor stores you must visit. Simple yet fascinating ideas like creating pop-up buttons and tassel-patterned on the cushion are everything to minimalist fans. They also have various height wicker planter for you to choose.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 10


    Anthropologie is another eyes-on-detail store that is worth your visit. They have stand out products that you will nowhere else but in their store. A rattan bed with a simple lining pattern both on the head and foot of the bed will astonish you. Somehow, you have to prepare more pennies for Anthropologie’s outstanding products.

    Minimalist Home Decor Stores 12

    Less is more. All of these stores have successfully brought up minimalist style into the frontline. Now, you do not need to spend more time (and money) searching out for favorable minimalist stuff. Those 10 minimalist home decor stores have all you need just in one place.

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