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    65+ Pergola Design Ideas, Best Wood Structure Installation Ideas


    Pergola is an installation of wood or metal structures that are basically used as a medium for vines. The canopy is not the main function of the pergola, although over time the function of the pergola can be shifted to a canopy or shade. Pergola is also usually installed as an entrance to a garden area or home yard. For the backyard, the pergola is a canopy above the patio which helps reduce heat and glare from the sun. There are so many benefits of this pergola, but do you have Pergola Design Ideas that are quite interesting and suitable for outdoor areas in your home?

    pergola design ideas
    pergola design ideas

    1. Woody Canopy

    The open area made from wood still be glamorous. White makes the pergola more unique. Else it is designed such as the stripes.

    Beautiful Pergola Design Ideas

    2. Wood Sketch Idea

    This will be awesome with the sketch. The brown roof is interesting.

    How to build a Pergola Design Ideas

    3. Stripe and Classy Pergola

    Unique Pergola and the chosen color are perfect. Yet, the sofa outside caused enjoyable for you to spend the whole spare time. The curved structure of the pergola gives an informal and comfortable impression.

    Modern Pergola Designs

    4. Nature and Transparent Pergola

    This is one of the best Pergola Design Ideas. Completed with nature, plants make more beautiful.

    Patio Delight pergola design ideas

    5. White Pergola

    It is White and suitable pergola with your home design. It is the best pergola. Having a large outdoor area at home really needs to be utilized. Besides being surrounded by green plants and trees, it can also be a relaxing area designed in an open space.

    Pitched Roof with Flower Creepers pergola design ideas

    6. Circus Pergola Design

    This has style such as circus. Arrow style makes the pergola sharp and adorable.

    Mariners’ Pergola design ideas

    7. Corner Retreat Pergola

    Vines are adorable. Later, the urban style pergola looks so gorgeous.

    White Stone Pillars pergola design ideas

    8. Garden Latish Pergola

    White causes the classy and large style. Yet, the bloomy flower is beautiful.

    Solar Panel Roof pergola design ideas

    9. Green Pergola

    This is one of the best Pergola Design Ideas. Vines, sofa, table make the enjoyable corner.

    Thatched Roof pergola design ideas

    10. Pergola Style with Lantern

    You can also use a pergola to create additional space outside the home. This pergola design successfully utilizes a narrow backyard area brilliantly, without removing ornamental plants and green grass from the yard. This is one of the best Pergola Design Ideas.

    Cushy Corner Nook pergola design ideas

    11. Mini Door Pergola

    This is the simple door designed in the house. Flower in the center such as welcoming mark.

    Garden Gate pergola design ideas

    12. Square Pergola Design

    The design is like the minimalist. It is fully vines around the pergola. Later, the flower cherished the situation.

    White and Green Classic pergola design ideas

    13. A beautiful Shelter

    The wooden pergola roof decorated with comfortable and cool vines for shelter in the heat of the day. Make it also not difficult. Just make sure the wooden roof is strong enough to resist the lush vines.

    Rosy Hideaway pergola design ideas

    14. Transparent Roof

    The roof is transparent. You can see the sky and feel the situation through the artistic hole of the roof.

    Etched Roof Screens pergola design ideas

    15. Wooden Block

    In this example the pergola floor is made of wooden blocks. It is a smart way to create linkages with the surrounding environment. This is one of Pergola Design Ideas.

    The Zen pergola design ideas

    16. Simplicity of Pergola

    Pergola with an iron roof and glass roof can also be an option. Alternative designs that can be applied to those who like simplicity.

    Splendid Colours pergola design ideas

    17. Decorative Pergola

    This pergola blends perfectly with the overall architecture. There is nothing better than a sturdy and stylish iron roof truss. For the form of the pergola this one is not only given a scope on the roof, but also on the back side of the bench is also given a barrier.

    Roof and Water Feature pergola design ideas

    18. Reluctant Relaxing Place

    Sometimes there are parts of the backyard that are exposed to heat and we are so reluctant to relax there. Transparent pergola like this is the solution. Wooden deck as a floor adds comfort in this area.

    Iron and Wicker pergola design ideas

    19. Simple Corridor

    This is one of the classy Pergola Design Ideas. Brown wooden pergola looks adorable decorated with the nature plants.

    Black and Silver pergola design ideas

    20. Semi Gazebo Pergola

    You can sit in the center while looking the beautiful and wonderful color in the garden.

    Gardener’s Haven pergola design ideas

    21. Classy and Protective Roof

    The awning roof will protect you from the sun, reduce heat, save energy and provide privacy. Awnings can be rolled when not in use.

    Geometric Screens pergola design ideas

    22. Garden Center

    The green vines make beautiful and fresh scenery. Yet, the white roof looks beautiful.

    Garden Nook pergola design ideas

    23. Dramatically Pergola Design

    Like the setting of drama films, this wooden pergola is decorated with mosquito nets and white cloth. It’s unusual, but still comfortable.

    Wicker Appeal pergola design ideas

    24. Enjoyable Spot Pergola

    It is like urban style pergola. The orange swing makes more fun in the garden while seeing outside.

    Pallet Bed Swing pergola design ideas

    25. Gazebo Inspiration

    Wood material is endless and is always perfect for the entrance area of a house. This pergola looks sturdy and resistant to weather. You can also save on maintenance costs.

    Garden Pod pergola design ideas

    26. Nature Oriented Pergola

    This Pergola also utilizes vines like the previous example, and produces a unique style. A replicable way to integrate natural elements in pergola designs.

    Garden Swings pergola design ideas

    27. Joyful and Happiness nuance Pergola

    A spot in the center of the field is awesome. In addition, you can sit while enjoying in the pergola.

    Private Corner pergola design ideas

    28. Pavilion Style Arrangement

    The design of the pergola is very similar to the pavilion, the main part of a traditional Javanese house in the form of open space and usually located in front or center of the house. The pavilion functions to receive guests, gather with family, and other social activities. Wood is the main material used in this design. Structuring the outdoor area needs to be considered. This is in order to create unity with the surrounding environment.

    Side Curtains pergola design ideas

    29. Classy Wood Design

    Some green plants and grants combined with essential brown wood looks so classy.

    Modern Minimalist pergola design ideas

    30. Tropical Pavilion

    The modern pavilion is quite good. White series color and green natural is beautiful design.

    Old Romantic pergola design ideas

    Those are pergola made for. Pergola is part of the building of a house whose function is to shade or protect from heat and glare from sunlight. From then on, you can use Pergola Design Ideas for canopy as the implementation. Canopies are made with the aim of protecting heat and rain, while for pergola it is used as a protective device from the sun’s heat alone, not to avoid rainfall. Try Pergola ideas as the best wood structure installation. Do not miss the chance and have a beautiful installation in your house then. Ball is in your court right away.

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