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Reclaimed Wood Christmas Decorations


Make these greatest Wood Christmas Decorations Reclaimed ideas to make your Christmas decorations unique and stylish. The reclaimed wood is an affordable way of adding the charm of rustic style into home décor. With some ideas, you can make your own DIY reclaimed wood décor for Christmas starting from Christmas tree into other ornaments. Here are inspirations of DIY reclaimed wood decorations to make your Christmas awesome.

Christmas tree shape display wood

Fill blank wall in your home with this wooden tree display that made from different length wooden bars that arranged into a tree shape. For the display filled with Christmas and other ornaments and decorations from silver, wood, wires, jars, and so on. In the top bar, add iconic stars and dried pine trees to make it a perfect Christmas tree. Add dried garland hang side to the tree.

Christmas tree shelf with rustic look

Old wooden door snowman

This is a simple way to turn your old wooden door to a decoration item for Christmas. Add button and ribbon to décor the door. Paint half top as head with color black or red and another half as the body with white. Add an orange nose to the face of the snowman.

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shutter snowmen reclaimed wood christmas

Snowflake display wall

If you well crafter, then this wood display snowflake is one of the best ideas to display Christmas ornaments right to the front door. Add wooden crate as additional storage to put other Christmas decorations.

diy wooden snowflake shelf reclaimed wood christmas

Wood Candle Decoration

This is another simple décor for Christmas that you can make. Just make a candle wooden shape and add the base to stand. Paint with white or red and gold for the fire. Add other ornaments such as rope and the pine leaves and cheery balls into the candle. You can put this candle in the stairs or front of the fireplace. If you have an old pillar, you also can make the same candle decoration just by adding candle or light with candle shape and leaves dried garland decorations.

crate and barrel ornament trees

DIY Outdoor Wood Decoration

The next idea is outdoor space with Christmas decorations and ornaments. The first ideas are created by pine Christmas tree from plywood. Make at least three wood Christmas tree and put in the corner front door. You can paint it and add string lights. The other outdoor decoration is a string light of snowflake hang décor. It will be a great décor on your front porch.

diy wood stars reclaimed wood christmas

Santa Claus Decoration

Christmas always comes with Santa. Make Santa decorations from the wooden block. Add Santa hat, eyes and Christmas ball as a nose. You also can make Santa front door ornament to hang in the front door.

Sock hanging

Make your sock hanging from old reclaimed wood. Put stencils words and décor with Christmas ornaments. Put hook and hang the socks with wishes for Santa.

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reclaimed wood stocking hanger

Rustic Christmas décor

Rustic décor is also another perfect idea for Christmas decorations. You can just put several size wooden blocks and tie with red ribbon and dried cherry or pine fruit. Put this in a table or fireplace. Next is creating a Christmas tree from a dried twig. Put inside of the fireplace. You can make this Wood Christmas Decorations Reclaimed and save costs for buying ornaments and decorations.

wooden block decoration

DIY pallet tree reclaimed wood Christmas

diy pallet tree reclaimed wood christmas

DIY wood lanterns reclaimed wood Christmas

diy wood lanterns reclaimed wood christmas

Pallet candles reclaimed wood Christmas

pallet candles reclaimed wood christmas

Santa log Christmas decoration

santa log christmas decoration

Large letter joy spelled out

large letter joy spelled out

Reclaimed wood trees

reclaimed wood trees

Christmas Present Trio Craft

Christmas Present Trio Craft

Birch branch winter woodland tablescape

birch branch winter woodland tablescape

Corner Pallet Tree reclaimed wood Christmas

Corner Pallet Tree reclaimed wood christmas

DIY wood pallet snowman scene

diy wood pallet snowman scene

Pallet wood Christmas tree

pallet wood christmas tree

Santa sign

santa sign

Pallet snowmen

pallet snowmen

Branch inspired Christmas tree

Branch inspired Christmas tree

Reclaimed wood is a cool and cheap way to bring rustic charm to home decor. Many people love doing home decorations with reclaimed wood, especially in the holiday season. With a little imagination, you can create brilliant and creative Christmas decorations from reclaimed wood.

From beautiful Christmas trees to snowmen and so many wonderfully rustic ornaments, you are sure to find the perfect DIY Christmas projects to use up any old wood that you have on hand. So if you want to add some rustic charm to your holiday decorating, have a look at these 20+ Most Cheap and Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Christmas Decorations.

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