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    Create a Round Garden Bed with Recycled Things


    The garden bed is a place that has many uses. Besides being used to grow various plants such as fruits, vegetables, and various other plants, garden beds will also create very beautiful and impressive scenery. For those of you who need ideas to modify or animate your garden so it looks cool, you have come to the right place. We have prepared some ideas about round garden beds with recycled things that you can apply to your plants.

    A round garden bed that we often see is the best way to combine the two elements of art, namely function, and beauty. When you create a round garden bed, you don’t need a lot of labor. Besides, another advantage that you will get is to increase the landscape in views that can be seen from every corner of your garden. Many things can be recycled and then apply it to your round garden beds construction. See and copy our best ideas!

    Stack Painted Cinder Blocks to Create a Colorful Garden Bed

    A variety of paint colors make it look so cute. Anyone who comes to your park will be amazed.

    create a colorful garden bed

    Make Round Garden Beds in No Time with Bricks

    The creation process does not take a long time and uses bricks. This idea is suitable for you who have a busy activity in one day.

    Make Round Garden Beds

    Make a Garden Bed with Square Logs

    You can use square logs to add to the uniqueness of your garden bed. Very easy and simple to implement.

    Make a Garden Bed with Square

    Create a Landscape Accent Around Your Garden Tree Trunks with Stacked Stones

    The idea of a round garden bed with recycled things on this one is very cool and looks like putting a ring on a tree in a park.

    tree trunks with stacked stones

    Transform a Metal Water Trough into a Raised Bed

    Do not dispose of your water metal troughs that are not used because they can be useful for your garden.

    Metal Water Trough into a Raised Bed

    Recycle an Old Wagon Wheel for a Divided Succulent or Herb Garden Bed

    Even though it looks old-fashioned, an old wagon wheel can help create a beautiful garden in the eye’s eye.

    herb garden bed

    Create a Keyhole Garden That Has a Compost Pile in The Center

    Using natural stone that is arranged to resemble a keyhole, really something beautiful. Coupled with a compost heap that will fertilize your plants.

    keyhole garden

    Edging the Garden Bed With White Pebbles

    White pebbles on the edges are the main attraction. One of these neutral colors will make the planting atmosphere peaceful.

    Edging the garden bed

    The Ring and The Circular Garden Bed Landscape Built With Rocks

    This garden bed design will make you feel at home for a long time looking at it. The combination of stone and circle is very perfect.

    the circular garden bed landscape

    Make a Cool Bed with Old Painted Tires

    When you see this garden bed, you will remember your childhood. Paint your old tires and make an adorable garden bed.

    cool bed with old painted

    Grow the plants as the round garden bed edging

    You don’t need stones or bricks to get started. Simply by growing plants on the edges.

    round garden bed edging

    Round Raised Beds Built with Teepee Trellises

    The idea of a round garden bed with recycled things is using teepee trellises to show a beautiful rural atmosphere.

    Round raised beds

    Turn the industrial steel pipes into incredible round garden beds

    incredible round garden beds

    Flowers bed around mailbox

    Flowers bed around mailbox

    Re-think giant concrete drain pipes into raised bed

    drain pipes into raised bed

    Nice way to accent a tree with stacked stones

    a tree with stacked stones

    Circular flower bed from recycled bricks

    Circular flower bed

    Round raised garden bed by frame it all

    Round raised garden bed

    A round garden bed is an excellent way to combine beauty with function while reducing labor. And more, the round garden bed enhance the landscape and is in view from every angle in the garden. There are a lot of ideas and many recycled things can be applied to the construction of round garden beds.

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