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    Decorative Rustic Storage Ideas for Bathroom


    Are you looking for a fresh approach to decorate your bathroom? Maybe decorative rustic storage ideas for bathroom suits with your personal taste. Nowadays, the rustic theme is becoming popular since it could give the sensation of relaxation and nature in your home, even in your bathroom.

    Moreover, if you are trying to make storage for your bathroom with rustic decoration, you will not cost a lot for making it. You can use wood materials to build it.

    Here I will give you some ideas related to decorative rustic storage ideas for the bathroom.

    Simple vertical wood board

    This is the most uncomplicated storage you can build for your bathroom. You just only need two pieces of wood board and create some step ladders on it as the storage.

    You can make up to four-step ladders on it. After finishing it, you can put this wood with its storage on the corner of your bathroom.

    Simple vertical wood board

    Metal round storage

    To construct this kind of storage, you do not have to buy new materials. You can use an old baby bathtub that contains metal materials on it and then divide its center by using wood as the storage. You can hang this storage above your toilet to store your towel or plants in your bathroom.

    Metal round storage

    Jar for your goods

    Think about your unused containers? You can utilize it for placing your toothbrushes, cotton buds, cotton, and even your flowers in your bathroom. Before using it, you can paint it white color.

    Mason jar crafts love bathroom storage

    Wire towel storage

    By using your old bike’s basket, you can use it as your towel basket in your toilet. You can hang it beside your toilet mirror. You do not have to furnish it with anything; only clean it, and you get perfect storage for your towel!

    Wire towel storage

    Combination of your basket and old wood

    If you have many old bike baskets, you can arrange it in a vertical timber and put it beside your bathtub as a storage for your towel, plants, books or magazines, and your bath products.

    Combination of your basket and old wood

    Use glass

    If you think that you are confused about where to store your soap bars, don’t worry, your glass from your kitchen can be the best place for you to store them.

    Use glass for storage

    Reclaimed wood

    If you have much-reclaimed woods, you can always clean it, furnish it, and repaint it with brown color and place it in your toilet wall as a storage for your bathroom goods.

    You also can shape these wood into a triangle shape and stick it in an arrangement on the corner of your bathroom. Besides, you can build a cubical shape from the reclaimed wood to be hung in your wall, as well.

    Reclaimed wood for storage

    Use a wine rack

    A wine rack can also be utilized for a towel holder in your toilet. To store your towel there, you have to roll up your towel and put it on this wine rack. It suits perfectly. Since the wine rack contains many holders in it, thus you can store some of your towels in this rack.

    Use a wine rack

    Decorative Rustic Storage Projects for Bathroom

    Decorative Rustic Storage Projects for Bathroom

    Rustic storage ideas

    rustic storage ideas

    Best rustic storage ideas

    Best rustic storage ideas

    Decorative rustic storage ideas

    decorative rustic storage ideas

    Rustic storage ideas fo rack

    rustic storage ideas fo rack

    Rustic storage project for your bathroom

    rustic storage project for your bathroom

    Rustic bench for storage ideas

    rustic beanch for storage ideas

    Amazing rustic storage decoration

    Amazing rustic storage decoration

    Using natural and rustic elements in the bathroom will make the most important area of your house look very chic and relaxing. The home decor in rustic style becomes more and more popular.

    A bathroom with a rustic interior can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and lets you feel closer to nature. It can be a whole entire space theme, or it can be simple touches to add some character to space. In this post, we are more inclined to the latter.

    Adding rustic storage projects to your bathroom is a simple way to achieve a rustic style. On one hand, rustic storage projects built with materials such as reclaimed wood, wooden crates, and pallet wood won’t cost you a lot; on the other hand, rustic style is pretty easy to achieve in a DIY storage project, just like installing a pallet shelf on the wall. Have a look at the pictures below and get inspired!

    How is it? Is this article helping you to provide information about decorative rustic storage ideas for the bathroom?

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