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65+ Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs


The kitchen is one room that must exist in a house. In the past, the kitchen functioned only as a place for cooking or eating dishes. But today, the function has been increasingly shifted until now. The kitchen is considered as the heart of the house with designs that follow trends and lifestyles.

Regardless of the hobby of cooking or not, having a beautiful kitchen is certainly a dream for everyone. The kitchen is now often used as a second living room to entertain relatives when they come home. Then Let us see Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs. In addition to the overall kitchen design, the selection of decoration and storage in the kitchen also takes a big part to make the kitchen look beautiful and fun.

small kitchen ideas and designs
small kitchen ideas and designs

Table of Contents

1. Minimalist Kitchen idea

Maximize all the space and add the colorful theme for making brighter of the room.

Plains and Prints Small Kitchen Designs
Plains and Prints Small Kitchen Designs

2. Simple, yet elegant Kitchen

The lights on the dining table are very important, so choose carefully.

Modern Industrial Small Kitchen Designs
Modern Industrial Small Kitchen Designs

3. Woody Minimalist Kitchen

This black spot looks full of spirit. This black nuance causes more courage to work also in the kitchen.

Unique and Fabulous Small Kitchen Designs
Unique and Fabulous Small Kitchen Designs

4. Complete and Functional Kitchen

The good and well management kitchen tool is also important. Place the tools as effective as possible caused the useful mini kitchen. This is the best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs.

Artsy Modern Small Kitchen Designs
Artsy Modern Small Kitchen Designs

5. Colorful Kitchen

Mini space but it is designed obviously for chilling out. The chosen color is so bright and so joyful. This is Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs that you can have.

Modern Galley Kitchen
Modern Galley Kitchen

6. Effective and Unique Kitchen

A line kitchen set in the middle room is unique. This spot could be used for cooking while meeting with client. It is truly Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs.

Freestanding Modular Kitchen
Freestanding Modular Kitchen

7. Vintage Kitchen

Classify and arrange cutlery on a hanging rack neatly. Try to be stacked with the same height and similar products. Tuck in a few of your favorite displays so the kitchen feels persona.

Practical Floating Shelves
Practical Floating Shelves

8. Mini and colorful Kitchen

You would be feeling happy too seeing the colorful accessories. It causes the kitchen look adorable and fantastic.

Colours of Life Small Kitchen Designs
Colours of Life Small Kitchen Designs

9. Multifunctional Kitchen Ideas

Display shelves and book shaped stairs can be a decorating idea in the corner of the kitchen. This is so Multifunction.

Storage Space-Savers Small Kitchen Designs
Storage Space-Savers Small Kitchen Designs

10. White and trademark Ceramic Center

Use vibrant colors for different shades. This is so great totally.

Fabulous Flooring Small Kitchen Designs
Fabulous Flooring Small Kitchen Designs

11. Elegant and Warm Kitchen

Make fruits, plants, and vegetables simple kitchen decorations. Further, a good lighting is more precious.

Pantry Storage

12. Minimalist and Useful Kitchen

We need to be smart as much as possible. We have to be good in maintaining and designing the tool in order it is fitted perfectly with the mini space.

Racks and Hooks Storage

13. White and Simple Kitchen Ideas

This room is beautifully organized. All the tools are treated tidily. The white kitchen set in the middle is a well position so far.

Small Kitchen Designs Perky Colours

14. Unique Minimalist Kitchen

The minimalist box hang in the wall can cause a multifunctional space. This is unique and also you can have elegant nuance with the black floor.

Small Kitchen Designs Innovative Cabinetry

15. Simplest Kitchen Design

The White nuance, a white chair and a beautiful flower facing the window is felt so warm.

Downsized Breakfast Nook Small Kitchen Designs

16. Effective Kitchen Design

The carpet makes the room elegant. This will make more beautiful and spacious kitchen.

Something Old, Something New Small Kitchen Designs

17. Beautiful Lighting Kitchen

One light hang Lamp is functioned as the lighter. White series and the hanging shelf look so beautiful.

Cottage Galley Kitchen Island

18. Warm and Lovable Kitchen

Look and find the multifunctional tool. Insert the cooking equipment in a drawer.

Small and Efficient Kitchen Island

19. Window Center Lighting Kitchen

Setting the kitchen set is based on the taste of the user. White is still dominant. Facing the window is still lovely spot.

Classic and Rustic White Small Kitchen Designs

20. Distinctive Kitchen Design

These are Drawer inserts. The function of this drawer is almost similar to points number one and eight, namely, it classifies equipment according to its type. This system is very practical and suitable for small kitchens because it does not take up a lot of area but is optimal in terms of neatness, usually for spices or cooking utensils.

Vertical Storage Small Kitchen Designs

21. Classy and Lovable Kitchen

White series, hanging lamp and shelves cause the room more spacious and gorgeous.

Chic and Efficient Small Kitchen Designs

22. Well-Lighting Kitchen Ideas

Facing the window will the decrease the stuffy circumstances. Later white series make the room larger.

Let the light in Small Kitchen Designs

23. Elegant and Fantastic Kitchen Design

The black color gives the impression of an exclusive, masculine, as well as elegant. Thus, It is absolutely favorite Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs.

Dramatic Red and Black Small Kitchen Designs

24. Chit-chat Oriented Kitchen Design

Put the Island in the middle of the kitchen. Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot add a solution to put food that is served in the middle of the kitchen, island. With a slim shape, and considering the kitchen work triangle, the use of the island in a small kitchen can certainly be maximized.

Rich Metallic Details Small Kitchen Ideas

25. Classic Kitchen Design

When choosing a kitchen with an island table, use a comfortable bar stool for dining. Have a good breakfast then.

Minimalist Chic Small Kitchen Ideas

26. Good and Efficient Kitchen Design

You need to use every detail in the kitchen optimally. You can save all the tools in the drawer. Then, you can use is as the alternative storage in your kitchen.

Drawer Organisers Small Kitchen Ideas

27. Lovable Cooking Spot

Be brave with bold colors in your kitchen set. Choose colors according to your personality and taste so that the cooking process becomes more vibrant. Mix with a softer wall color to dampen a crowded atmosphere.

Go Big on the Fixtures Small Kitchen Ideas

28. White Effective Kitchen Design

The white brick makes the old, but gorgeous still. The tidy and alternative wall makes the kitchen soft and clean.

Modern Off-Whites Small Kitchen Ideas

The Cube Small Kitchen Ideas

29. Chilling Out and Lovable Cooking Spot

In order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, choose solid surface material on the tabletop and marble on the wall.

Open up with Skylight Small Kitchen Ideas

30. Minimalist and Comfortable Kitchen Spot

Natural lighting is very good for the kitchen because the room becomes dry or not damp, free of germs, and looks spacious.

Shiny and Transparent Small Kitchen Ideas

No matter how big the kitchen is, however Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs are reliable to apply in your kitchen. Thus, let us make the lovable and beautiful design.

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