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Many people are addicted to spray paint. It is simple and so easy to use. Furthermore, spray paint also cheap and easy to be found. Spray paint could be a way for you to freshen and makeover your old stuff to look fancier and more attractive.

Once you have begun to start DIY projects with spray paint, and old stuff you have in your home will be your victims and you won’t be able to stop, Hence, the list below is some spray paint ideas that you could use as your preferences when you are going to execute your DIY spray paint projects.

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Wicker Patio Chair Set Spray Painted Makeover

If you have a shabby wicker patio chair set, don’t throw it away yet. You still have a chance to makeover it to be more attractive with the help of spray paint. For spray paint you could use Rust-oleum painters touch or other spray paint from other brands.

Wicker Patio Chair Set Spray Painted Makeover

Make a Mirrored Gazing Garden Ball for Garden

If you are bored with your old, plain and boring garden ball, you could do make over on it. You could use spray paint to make your garden ball become mirror glazed garden ball. In order to get this look you could use Krylon looking glass spray paint.

Spray Paint Mirrored Gazing Garden Ball for Garden

Turn an Ugly Laminate Countertop for Less than $10 with Spray Paint

Want to freshen up your ugly looking laminate countertop, but with a minimum budget? Well, you could try to use spray paint to make it more lively. You could use Rust-oleum American Accents stone to makeover your countertop.

countertop makeover with spray paint

Customize Your String Lights to Match Any Style of Your Decor

To make your string lights to become more attractive you could use spray paint are your tools. You could spray them in gold, silver, or even metallic colour or in any colour that is matched well with your decor.

Spray Paint Your Christmas Lights

Spray Paint Small Toys to Create Fun Drawers Pulls

Bored with your old drawer pull? Relax, you could attach small toys to your drawer pulls. To make it even more attractive you should spray paint it first. You could use gold, bronze, metallic, or even silver colours for the spray paint.

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Spray Paint Small Toys

Spray Paint Glossy Baskets to Give Them a Fresh Update

Are you tired of your plain rattan basket? If so, you should try this glossy basket spray paint ideas to make it more attractive.

Spray paint glossy baskets

Spray Painted Pinecones for Table Centrepiece

Pinecones for centrepiece? Of course, that would be such a good idea. However, to make the pinecones to be more desirable you could spray paint it with metallic gold, metallic silver colours. You could use Krylon or Rust-oleum spray paint to get the best look.

Spray painted pinecones

Faux Galvanized Plastic Tubs

You could make over your faux galvanized plastic tubs to be more alluring with spray paint. You could use metallic silver, gold, or even bronze to add the classy vibes toward your plastic tubs.

metalic spray paint

Spray Painted Fake Flowers

Are you bored with the colour of your fake flower? If so, you will definitely need spray paint to freshen and liven it up. You could choose whatever colour to spray paint your fake flower such as red, purple, or even orange.

Spray Painted Fake Flowers

Use PVC Pipes and Spray Paint to Make a Succulent Garden

Another spray paint ideas for you is that to make a succulent garden with PVC and then spray paint it. By spray painting it, you will get more fashionable and attractive look.

spray paint to make a succulent garden

Update a boring vase into modernistic home decoration with just spray paint

spray paint diy gold dipped vase

Spray paint the seashells in gold color

Spray paint the seashells in gold color

Use Spray Paint and Silver Leaf to Change an Old Thrift Store Desk

Spray Paint and Silver Leaf

Spruce Up Your Garden Planters with Spray Paints

Garden Planters with Spray Paints

Take rocks from blah to beautiful with a metallic spray paint

gold rock candle centerpiece

How to turn any glass into mercury glass with spray paint

spray paint effect

Spray white paint over lace to give the rocks a unique look would be stunning

Spray white paint over lace

Turn an old can into concrete with just a can of spray paint

valspar concrete effect spray paint

Sparkly Spray Paint on Dried Branches

Sparkly Spray Paint

Silver Spray Painted Wicker Baskets

Silver Spray Painted Wicker Baskets

Spray paint a bathroom faucet to let it look more expensive

Spray paint a bathroom faucet

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