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    The wardrobe is one of the important aspects of a room. No doubt wardrobe has a big role in changing the look and atmosphere of a room. For those of you who feel bored with the condition of your room, you might be able to change the look of your wardrobe ideas to get a new atmosphere. This also applies to those of you who already feel bored with the old type of wardrobe.

    How about a boho style?

    Have you ever tried this style? With a wardrobe formed from an iron pipe, with a neutral color. The size matches your bedroom and has 3 different spaces for hanging clothes. It would be suitable to be stirred with a warm room.

    cheap wardrobe boho style

    Give a sophisticated and modern touch to your bedroom

    This type of wardrobe consists of white domination, with material from plastic or wood. The shape has a side to hang clothes, equipped with several shelves as a place to fold the clothes and to put something on the bottom.

    cheap wardrobe ideas

    Grids, wood and a lot of creativity

    You can make wardrobe ideas with wood. You can choose the design by making a lot of grids, which are useful as storage for clothes and accessories.

    wardrobe ideas for bedroom


    Remember that your wardrobe is a reflection of your personality

    For those of you who have a fondness for simple room conditions, choosing wooden wardrobe ideas is one of the best suggestions. Then you form two scales at the bottom for storage and one room at the top for hanging clothes.

    wardrobe designs

    Recycling was never so incredible

    Do you have unused leftovers? Just change it into wardrobe material. For example like the rest of the equipment from metal, iron, or wood. Create a cage-like shape to add a sleek feel to your room.

    best wardrobe ideas

    Worthy of a fashion lover

    For those of you who have a fondness for pastel and white colors, this style is worth trying. With a brightly colored wardrobe, which has a section for hanging clothes and storing shoes on the other side.

    creative wardrobe ideas

    Everything fits in a jar

    Other wardrobe ideas that you can try are to make models such as stairs and barriers using wood. You can make it a place to store clothes, cosmetics, accessories. Simple and neat.

    wardrobe ideas with low budget

    Give life to that small space

    This style is suitable for mini-sized rooms. Create a wardrobe as a wall that surrounds your room. This is useful to reduce the scattered goods. This also serves to avoid excess furniture, which makes the room feel increasingly cramped.

    tiny wardrobe ideas

    Your shoes deserve their dresser

    For those of you who have a hobby of collecting shoes, wardrobe ideas that you can also try to make a special wardrobe for your shoes. It can be a shelf with a minimalist design, which emphasizes a lot of insulation, as a storage room.

    wardrobe ideas for shoes

    Because everything good comes in small bottles

    Minimalism is the key to spaciousness in the room. You can create a wardrobe without a door, and it only contains two rooms in an up-down position. Suitable to be placed next to the mattress.

    wooden wardrobe without doors

    Take advantage of every corner of your bedroom

    corner closet in a white room

    Those are some types of wardrobe ideas that you can try. Choose what suits your room size, and the state of the items you have.

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